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Railroad: Champions League on the woodenoval

Hannover ([ Hanoːfɐ] is the resources of Lower Saxony. The location located on the southern side of the North German lowland on the leash as well as the IHME was first pointed out in 1150 and got 1241 the city regulation. Hannover was from 1636 Welfish Residenzstadt, from 1692 House Kurhannovers as well as from 1814 resources of the Kingdom of Hannover. From 1714 to 1837, the Personnel Union included the United Kingdom as well as Hanover, after which Hannovers Monarchen were additionally the kings of Terrific Britain at the very same time. After the addition of the Kingdom of Hannover by Prussia, Hannover was from 1866 provincial capital of the province of Hannover as well as after dissolution Prussia in August 1946 capital of the state of Hannover. Considering that its fusion with the devices of Braunschweig, Oldenburg as well as Schaumburg-Lippe in November 1946, Hannover is Reduced Saxon state capital. Since 1875 large city, today with nearly 540,000 residents is just one of the 15 citizens of Germany as well as previous districts are part of a common organization of a special kind, the Hanover area, which belongs to the Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg Metropolitan region. In and at Hannover, crucial rail as well as roads of the North South as well as East West instructions, the main train station and the flight terminal are one of the leading 10 in Germany. Regarding the midland channel, the city is connected to several harbors to the inland navigating network. From the 13th century to about 1620 Hannover was Hanseatic city and has actually been a member of the new Hanse since completion of June 2019. Hanover is the seat of the Protestant Church in Germany and head office of the world neighborhood of changed churches. Hannover is the area of eleven colleges as well as several libraries. The document of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the Golden Letter, maintained in the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Collection, are a UNESCO World Paper Serve. Hannover is a significant research as well as company place in addition to a superregional considerable purchasing city. The cultural scene is taken into consideration diverse with countless cinemas, museums as well as global theater, music and also dance events. Given that 2014, Hannover is a UNESCO City of Songs. Hannover is also a substantial sports city. The cityscape is characterized by numerous public eco-friendly centers, a high thickness of street art and also numerous building monoliths, including representative buildings of the North German block gothic, the Hanoverian style institution, chestnut examinism as well as classicism. Non-Regional is recognized to the Adventure Zoo Hannover, the Maschsee and the Mansions Gardens with the Schloss Maenshausen, a worldwide rarity is the arc lift in the new community hall. Out there church, the German Michel is hidden. With the world s largest exhibit facility as well as many globally fairs, Hannover is just one of Europe s leading trade fairings. Annually, the biggest capturing event of the world takes place and considering that 1955 Hannover brings the official honorary title Schützstadt. The Maschseseefest is the largest seafest of Germany.

A crunchy format, all the stars of the scene and after three hours is all over: The railway sport goes new ways, with a Champions League the shadowdase of the Olympic discipline should be terminated - and in addition, there is also a proud bloom at prize money to win. It starts on Saturday in Mallorca. From a German point of view, the sprint queens Emma Hinze and Lea Sophie Friedrich is the focus.

Four competitions in three hours

I think the Champions League is a good format to bring about the people of train cycling, said Hinze. Earned World Cups for up to four days, the Cycling World Association UCI together with TV partner Eurosport sets a short, but high-caliber format. In just under three hours, four competitions are pulled through: Sprint, Keirin, Scratch and excretion, for women and men. By means of technology, data for speed, watts, cardiac and cadence should be made transparent.

Five stations are in the debut season in the calendar. After the kick-off in Mallorca, Panevezys / Lithuania (November 27), to a double event to London (3rd and 4 December) and finally to the new Velodrom of Tel Aviv (December 11). The planned race day was canceled in the Velodrom of St. Quentin-en-Yvelines at Paris. The 1322 World Cup course is still needed as a Corona vaccine center and is not available.

Prize money in new dimensions

Red Star Belgrade v Marseille 1991 European Cup Final - Road To Final

For the price allowances, the series promotes new dimensions for railway sports. According to the organizers, 500 000 euros are distributed - for women and men the same. The respective discipline total winner receive 25 000 euros. For comparison: At the World Cup in mid-October in Roubaix, there were 8000 euros for a title in an Olympic discipline. In the starter field, 72 drivers, including the current WHO IS WHO of railroad sports with 19 world masters.

Who represents Germany?

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In addition to the two Cottbus world champions Hinze and Friedrich, from Germany, the Chemnitz Ex-World Champion Stefan Bötticher and Altstar Maximilian Levy are also there. Levy had actually finished his career after the Olympic Games, but the future junior national coach rises again for the new format on his railway wheel.

As so often in life, when you try to separate yourself from a relationship, you come back again and hugs a very tight, Levy said, who won his first of ten World Cup medals in Palma 2007. It s a welcome opportunity to say Ciao. And it s a good thing if the railway sports will also get a higher priority at the World Association, explained the 34-year-old.


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